Am I a racist?

It seems to me that America is one of the most divided and racist counties in the world.  Racial tensions, which seemed to have been healing, were merely slumbering beneath the surface.  Our current president and administration have brought all that out in the open again.  Maybe this time we can get some healing and move forward!

Is it possible to be free of prejudice?  To claim to be “the least racist person ever” as our president has claimed makes me think of Socrates quote–“an unexamined life is not worth living.”

Every individual needs to examine their own heart, their own thinking, their own relationships with others to discover the extent of their prejudice.  Only then, as we discover our biases, our fears and our prejudices can we make adjustments and modify our attitudes and behaviors.

My mother is the most accepting and least racist person I know, yet even she struggles with racism.  I guess I do too.  God help me to recognize my prejudices and to love the way You love.

4 thoughts on “Am I a racist?

  1. I don’t agree that the President and his administration brought all of this out..I believe the entitled and privileged (or so they think) people have not come to the realization that Trump is our President! Since they can’t change it, they are “throwing a tantrum”! They will do whatever and wherever to cause any type of’s not our President’s fault! It’s ours!! We have raised ignorant and spoiled rotten brats, so to speak! If we were all supporting our President, things would be different!


    1. The racial tension has been there, but it was more hidden, more covert. It is certainly out in the open now. Doing a self-check and examining our own prejudices is something we all need to do. It is not picking on anyone to recommend that. Peace!


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