I Quit!

Elijah’s Experience on Mount Carmel and the Still Small Voice.  Check out 1 Kings 18-19.



Zealous for God.

Mega effort.

God acts.

People are wowed.

Yet the public is fickle… we never change.

Elijah burns out, is tired and throws in the towel.

Then God helps Elijah discover something totally different.

God is not a God of drama and performance for show!

God’s awesome presence and power are most evident in the little things, the quiet things—the quiet times.

Little things can turn a day around, lift our spirits, make us smile, give us hope. A bird’s call, a butterfly, a listening ear, a puppy’s kiss.  Little things we do help others see that God is indeed still on the move.  Don’t expect the world to change.  It won’t until Jesus comes again.  So quit complaining.  Stop your moping.  Do what you can.  Do good.  Be kind.  Don’t retaliate.  Give a listening ear.  Be different.  Live the Gospel out-loud!

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