Children and Guns

“…and a little child shall lead them” Isaiah 11:6

From the days of the Sandy Hook shooting and all the school shootings since then until now I am told that our government has loosened up the laws making it easier, not harder, to buy assault rifles and large ammunition clips.  Easier!  Not harder!  All under the pretense of protecting the Second Amendment, our citizens’ right to bear arms.  All for the sake of self-defense.  All, it seems to me, a knee jerk reaction to fear based thinking.  Our political leaders have not had the courage nor the right thinking to draft, pass and enact laws that actually protect our children and us from such crazy, random acts of violence.  We need common sense gun laws.  No one is trying to take our guns away.  Our leaders need to take responsibility in passing and supporting laws that prevent military style weapons from being in the hands of ordinary citizens.

No writer of our constitution ever envisioned the American public arming themselves with military assault rifles or the type of semi-automatic and modified weapons that have wreaked so much death and carnage in our country.

The tragedy at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida this past week is so hard to accept. If there is a silver lining in the dark clouds of such crazy violence it is the reaction of the high school students who are crying “enough!”

Maybe our youth will force us and our government to do more than just offer up prayers along with expressions of sympathy and condolences to the growing number of bereaved families.  Maybe our youth will have the wisdom and courage in leading our nation’s leaders to take action.  Maybe our children will give us courage to do the right thing!

This is more than a problem of emotional immaturity and poor anger management skills.  It is more than a question of mental health issues, or of who is authorized to buy such dangerous weapons.  To be sure we need more aggressive background checks—at a minimum!  But, who is brave enough to question the abusive rationale of 2nd Amendment thinking that makes this type of violence so widespread and common today?  Our leaders are not!  But after Stoneman Douglas’s tragedy our nation’s youth are!

A little child shall lead them?  Indeed! God give our youth and us adults courage in taking on a culture that allows this to happen again and again.  Give our youth and us adults courage to work for positive change for the sake of the common good!

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